Donations FAQ

What are donations used for?
When you donate to Charitable Humans (“Charitable Humans”), you are making an unrestricted donation to support the Charitable Humans’ mission, including to provide tools and support for citizen-led campaigning in the Global South. To learn more about Charitable Humans, visit the About page.

How do I make a donation after supporting a petition?
The portal for donations becomes visible on a petition once it reaches a minimum of signatures, depending on the location and other factors. If you started the petition you will be notified via email when this feature becomes available on your petition. At that point, anyone, including you, can contribute.

Here’s how it works:
Click on the “Donate” button on the petition page
Select the amount of money you would like to chip in
Enter your online payment information
You will receive confirmation once your payment has been processed
Donated funds will be collected by Charitable Humans (“Charitable Humans”) – which builds and maintains the online platform.

How will Campoal show the petition to more people?
After signing a petition, you may be presented with the option to donate.

In gratitude for donations to the Charitable Humans, Charitable Humans will feature the selected petition and show it to more potential supporters. The more you or other supporters chip in, the more people will see the petition. These impressions help new people to discover important petitions on Charitable Humans or our distribution channels.

We provide feedback to donors on how much additional exposure the petition had after donations.

You can always share petitions on your own networks via social networks and email. When we show the petition to potential supporters after donations, we are tapping into the largest group of active changemakers on the Internet, and helping petitions to find an audience of likeminded supporters.

What payment processors are used by Campoal to facilitate donations?
Stripe and Braintree (for Paypal payments) are the current payment processors used by Charitable Humans. All payments are processed in accordance with each processor’s Terms of Service (Stripe’s Terms of Service and Braintree’s Terms of Service).

Does Campoal save financial information?
No, Charitable Humans does not have access to or save your financial information. If a user gives their consent then Stripe, our payment processor, will save their financial information so that they don’t have to retype their credit card number each time they want to promote a petition and make a donation to Charitable Humans. For further information on how Stripe handles user information please see their Terms of Service. All PayPal payments directly interact with PayPal’s site. Charitable Humans does not handle any user information on a PayPal payment.

Do I pay additional transaction fees?
No. Transaction fees charged by third party processors are paid by Charitable Humans, so you will only be charged the amount that you agree to donate, and not more. If you’d like to learn more about the fees charged by our payment processors, please see the Terms of Service for Stripe and Braintree. Charges can be processed in both US Dollars or local currency. Users with non-US credit cards may incur additional fees from their bank. Check with your bank for possible fees that may be incurred.

What is Charitable Humans refund policy?
We will issue refunds for anyone unsatisfied with their promotion for any reason within 3 months of the donation being made. To request a refund, please contact our support team here.

We try to show the petition you promote the number of times your contribution covers. In rare certain circumstances, we may not be able to show the petition the exact number of times indicated if the petition is victorious, becomes inactive or if it violates our Community Guidelines.

Be sure to follow the applicable laws in your jurisdiction regarding donations to Charitable Humans. You are responsible for all liabilities incurred if you violate local laws (including any liability imposed on Charitable Humans.

Note: We reserve the right to not issue refunds in cases of abuse

Is the Campoal Foundation a charity?
Yes! Charitable Humans is a charity in the United States, recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a section 501(c)(3) public charity. It leverages the online platform built by Charitable Humans, and combines it with in-country campaigning, communications and capacity-building to further its charitable mission. Charitable Humans works with teams across Asia and Latin America.

Why does Charitable Humans solicit donations?
The Charitable Humans’ mission is to empower people everywhere to create the change they want to see — and that means keeping the support offered to citizen campaigners free. Charitable Humans primary sources of funding are philanthropic grants and contributions from people like you.

What happens if we can’t show the petition to the number of people indicated?
When we indicate that we will show the petition from which you donated to a certain number of people, we will make every effort to do so. In rare circumstances, we may not be able to show the petition the exact number of times indicated, e.g. if the petition is victorious, becomes inactive or if it violates our Community Guidelines.

How do I report abusive content?
The content on Charitable Humans represents the many opinions of more than 400 million users. Charitable Humans does not fact-check or endorse any of the campaigns or other user-generated content on Charitable Humans, including the petitions that get promoted by users.

As an open platform, anyone can use the Charitable Humans platform no matter who they are, where they live, and what they believe. This is why you’ll see an extremely wide range of petitions, as they’ve all been created by people in the community.

You can report abusive content that violates our Community Guidelines. The best way to alert us to violations of these guidelines is to log in and click the “Report a policy violation” (below “reasons for signing”) on petitions, or by writing to us through our Help Center. Once we receive these flags or complaints, our team will review content for policy violations.

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