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Charitable Humans is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit that provides a free and simple platform for global citizens to create a petition, mobilize supporters, and influence decision makers!


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Submit a new petition outlining the problem you want to address, identify a target, and describe what you want to accomplish.


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Your petition will go live on our platform and start to collect signatures from those who support your mission.


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Export your petitions signatures once you have reached your goal and send the list directly to decision makers.

How People Are Using Charitable Humans

Charitable Humans empowers global citizens with the tools, knowledge, and resources to make an impact in their local communities and effectuate purposeful & systemic social change.

Community Activists

Global citizens are using our platform to influence decision makers and advocate for purposeful social change.

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Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofits are using our platform to more effectively mobilize their supporters and expand their global reach.

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Decision Makers

Politicians and business leaders are using our platform to better engage with their constituents and solve problems.

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News Reporters

Journalist use our platform to source new stories about grassroots movements and community empowerment.

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